Born in the historic Fairhaven district of Bellingham, Washington, Vice Versa Print Shop is a small but mighty design and letterpress company. Our shop focuses on bespoke printing and growing our collection of retail offerings (wholesale upon request).



We use hand-fed presses to deliver the highest quality letterpress printing. The process may be a little slower, and each step may require more attention to detail than other available processes, but we don’t mind the extra work. It’s easy to see that the end result is a labor of love and craft. 

"Gertie", our Green Machine, came to us from Portland, OR. Her 2,600 pounds of steel were forged in Cleveland, Ohio, back in 1947. A previous owner had used this this gigantic C&P Craftsman to die-cut balsa wood airplanes. Today, she is our go-to for most press work and die-cutting. 



Corbin Watkins has  a passion for letterpress printing, design, and mid-century illustration. When he's not in the print shop, he's probably learning a new musical instrument or combing Craigslist for good furniture . His wife, Alli, has a terrific midwifery practice serving Whatcom & surrounding counties. When she's not catching babies at Haven Midwifery, she's helping with bindery and finishing in the shop. Their kids, Ulysses and Fiona (4 & 1), are learning their way around the shop and are already looking to be promising press-people . Their dog, Eleanor Roosevelt, emigrated from Puerto Rico and is fulfilling her life-long dream of sleeping her days away in the print shop.